Safe and Stable Housing Program

Families First has provided Homeless Prevention Program services in Monroe County since 2014. This program is intended to support clients at imminent risk (14 days, or less) of losing their primary night time residence/ stable housing. This is most frequently the case when households have been served an eviction notice that requires them to cure rent past due, or face eviction proceedings. This may also be the circumstance for an individual, or household who is precariously housed with family, or friends.

Households facing imminent loss of Stable Housing are considered “at risk” of homelessness. The intent of the Safe and Stable Housing program is to provide stabilizing services to avoid a literally homeless situation, in which the household is forced to seek emergency homeless shelter, or reside in a place not meant for safe human habitation (car, park, and campground).

If you, or someone you know, is facing a housing crisis please feel free to contact the Families First office. Families First participates in a Coordinated Entry process which includes an initial assessment in person, or by phone. Please contact the Families First office at 608-374-4141 for additional information.  


Wisconsin Homeless Information Management System