Case Care Management Program:

Families First seeks to not only address the immediate basic needs of those we serve, but also work toward developing long lasting tools and skills contributing to ongoing stability. All direct financial assistance areas provided at Families First are complemented by a Case Management component that can be tailored to individual needs and areas of instability.  The Case Management programs follows 3 core components.

Component: Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is an invaluable skill regardless of income level and resources. For low income households facing poverty, increasing financial management skills may mean the difference between maintaining electricity in the home, or avoiding an eviction notice. Through one on one budgeting sessions, clients at Families First discuss areas of income and expense, developing a picture of the current household finances.

Component: Mainstream Resource and  Referral

 Families First serves as a resource and referral point of contact for clients seeking services. In many cases,members of our communities may need assistance, or information, on available services that are already in existence. Families First received hundreds of calls and in person client contacts seeking information in existing programs and support services in 2015.

Component: Skill Building 

Case/ Care management programming further seeks to address basic education components including reading and understanding lease agreements, communicating with landlords, locating and securing housing, reading and understanding utility bills and searching and securing employment or transportation.