Basic Needs
Families First seeks to address the most immediate needs of those we serve. It is a reality within our communities that many households are forced to make difficult decisions to ensure basic needs are met for their family. Families First seeks to provide services that allow households to maximize their resources. In 2015 Families First provided assistance for basic needs in the following areas.


  • Infant Supplies to Families in Need 

    The cost of diapers and baby wipes can be a daunting addition to household finances. With the generous support of community donations Families First provides such materials to families.

  • Utility Support 
    Many of us may take for granted a warm home, or running water. These essentials are often costly to maintain for families with limited income. Families First provides financial assistance to clients facing disconnection of essential utilities such as water and electric. Financial support is also provided for the purchase/ refill of heating fuel needed to maintain warmth in the home.

  • Clothing
    Families First continues to offer essential clothing items such as children’s winter coats, hats, gloves and scarves to those without. Adult and child sized blankets are also provided through the winter months to those in need of additional warmth.

  • Household Goods
    In 2014 Families First partnered with Goodwill of North Central Wisconsin to become a member of the Good Neighbor Program. Through this collaborative effort, Families First is able to provide Goodwill Store merchandise vouchers to households in need of purchasing additional clothing, shoes and household items. Many families provided Goodwill vouchers utilized the resource for back to school clothing for their children. Such collaboration is essential for a small agency to ensure resources are available through a variety of services and funding sources.

  • Employment Support
    A new job can be an overwhelming but essential to stability. Families First supports clients obtaining employment with work required items such as steel-toed boots, uniform dress clothes and even prescription safety glasses. Families First also assists with the initial cost of fuel for new employment until the first pay check is received.